Bog Bay Workshop is an author event suitable for Reception-Y3 with Jeanne Willis, based on her picture book “The Bog Baby.” with a talk, story, artwork and stickers.

CONTENT: A 30 minute session in the hall to include a fun powerpoint with props about pets and mini beasts/a reading of The Bog Baby story/making a home for a model bog baby, followed by one of the following art options in the classroom:-
A. Making a bog baby collage
B. Making models of bog babies and a ‘home’ to put them in.
N.B: Please choose one option only per class for best results

GROUP SIZE: All participating classes attend the same talk in the hall first thing, followed by class-to-class visits by author to help with artwork.
If numbers are large, it’s possible to do 2 talks, one early morning, one before lunch.

DURATION: Flexible. Initial talk/powerpoint lasts approx 30 mins but artwork can be completed on day of author visit or continued when there is space in curriculum.

VENUES: Hall or similar assembly room with powerpoint facilities/classroom for artwork

PROPS: (To be provided by school).
Powerpoint facilities with laptop/clicker.
Table for author’s prop box.
Art and craft materials (see below)

(please prepare frieze/templates the day before the author visit).

1. Each teacher to prepare a long frieze pinned to the wall, representing a bluebell wood with pond to stick decorated bog babies on. (as simple elaborate as you like - visit Gallery to see artwork done at other schools).

2. Print off and pre-cut a bog baby per child, ready to decorate.
Alternatively, let the children cut out templates on the day if they can handle scissors.

3. Please provide paint, glue, feathers, sequins, boggly eyes etc. to decorate templates.

1. Please provide modelling material eg dough, clay and tools.

2. Craft bits, eg boggly eyes, paint, sequins etc to decorate model.

3. Each child to bring in or be provided with a jar/plastic food tray or transparent cup to put the model bog baby in. This ‘home’ can be furnished with twigs/leaves/grass etc. gathered from school grounds at playtime or during session, weather permitting.

TO BOOK : Please contact me via email

FEE: £400 plus vat/travel expenses. Book signing included if required.

Visit the Bog Baby Gallery


How to make a Bog Baby Collage in the Classroom

You need:

A long paper frieze big enough to display all the bog babies.
A cut-out bog baby shape for each child. (you'll find some to print out here).
Thin white card.
Colouring materials, eg paint, crayons, felt pens etc.
Craft bits eg, boggly eyes, sequins, feathers, glitter, shiny foil, wool, felt etc.
Gardening catalogues, magazines to cut out pictures of flowers, trees, birds etc.


Pre-prep for teachers:

1. Print off a template of a Bog Baby for each child and print onto white or light blue paper.

2. Stick onto thin card and cut out bog baby shapes around dotted line.

3. Pin frieze to classroom wall or display board to create a woodland background.
Either: sketch in horizon, paint above light blue to represent sky and below light green to represent grass.
Or: Use long length of light blue paper on top of same length of light green paper to create similar.
Roughly paint trees and a large pond area.



1. Give each child a cut-out bog baby to colour and decorate with materials provided.
2. While bog babies are drying, ask the children to cut out pictures from magazines of plants, bushes, rocks, flowers, birds, insects etc and stick them onto the frieze to create the woodland and pond.*
3. Each child then sticks their own bog baby onto the frieze.

* If the children are too young to use scissors, skip this section and either pre-paint the background or pre-cut plant, flowers and animal shapes for them to stick on - then just add bog babies!