"This is the brilliantly extravagant and compelling story o f the little mouse who loses her baby. In the course of her search for him, she encounters a vast King Kong of a gorillafrom whom she flees in panic - to China, to America, to Australia, to the Arctic. It is in her last port of refuge that she learns that the Killer Gorilla has, in fact, merely been on a mission of mercy, seeking not to devour her but to return her child whom he had found way back in the forest where the tale began. His next task is to ensure the safe return of both mother and child.

There is, in this remarkable book, the same fun, largeness of life and delight in language and illustrations that has marked the earlier collaborations of Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross. Their new offering will lead again to thrills and smiles amongst many 5 to 8-year-olds - and probably well beyond that early phase."



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