Talking With Dinosaurs

“Talking with Dinosaurs” is a fun-packed author event for children by Jeanne Willis, based around her humorous young reader series, “Downtown Dinosaurs”
It includes a T-Rex costume* real dinosaur bones and audience participation.

Age Group:
Best for Y2-Y5  (Not suitable for Nursery, Reception or Y1)
Please allow 15 minute break minimum between sessions.  

Size of Group
Depending on venue, negotiable. There needs to be enough space between author/ audience for up to six children to dance/react with the character. Suggest a max of 90 approx. so more get to volunteer but can accommodate larger numbers if required.

Content of talk
Intro about dinosaurs.
Powerpoint featuring a Downtown Dinosaur book to introduce concept/characters.
Short reading.
Appearance of costumed character, the gangster T-Rex, Flint Beastwood.
Experiments/games with Flint.
Show and Tell with dino bones including T-Rex tooth and Baryonx claw.
How big was a mesosaurus? Audience measure with a very long length of ribbon.
How big was a brachisosaur’s footprint? We draw round someone’s foot to compare.
Question time.

Time length
45 mins approx

Hall or large space with cupboard/curtains or screen to hide the character in costume.

Props (To be provided by venue)
Hall/large room (with features described above)
Powerpoint facilities including computer/laptop, preferably with clicker, with technician to set up. (Author to provide memory stick/disk)
Small, standard height table for author’s prop box.
Fixed mic for author if possible. (Not essential but really helps).
Extrovert member of staff to go in costume. (role requires simple acting/dancing).
Chair for T-Rex.

£500 plus vat/expenses* (unless agreed otherwise/concessions)  
Fee includes 2 x 45 min sessions as described, plus book signing.
Classroom visits/hall sessions featuring different picture book readings/games can be added to package on same day for Nursery, R and Y1, price subject to requirement.
Please contact to discuss a tailor-made package.
*Author may require hotel accommodation if venue is out of London.
*Costume to be delivered/collected from venue by