The Dr Xargle Show

“The Doctor Xargle Show” is an out of this world author event for children with Jeanne Willis, based around her humorous picture book series which looks at humans from an alien point of view. It includes a Dr Xargle costume, reading, fun and games.

Age Group:
Best for Y2-Y5  (Not suitable for Nursery, R or Y1)

Size of group:
Depending on venue, negotiable. Please allow enough space between author/ audience for up to six children to dance/react with the character. Suggest a max of 90 approx so more get to volunteer, but can accommodate larger numbers if required.

Content of Talk:
Intro/Discussion about aliens - do they exist?
Reading “Dr Xargle’s Book Of Earthlets” with Power Point
Author shows the audience funny alien disguises:- volunteers try them on.
Appearance of Dr Xargle in costume:- we greet him and study his features.
Sausage Experiment to see if he is a herbivore/carnivore with audience participation
Experiment to see if he can dance with audience participation/Music: the Macarena
Examine Xargle’s  ‘bag of souvenirs’ to guess what he thinks the objects are for.
Presentation of Xargle’s egg to a teacher for ‘safe-keeping’ until it hatches. (please return discreetly to author after show!)
Dr Xargle ‘heads back to his space ship’ escorted by member of staff.
Author Question Time.

Time Length:
45 minutes approx (Please allow 15 minute break minimum between performances)

Hall or large space with cupboard/curtains or screen to hide character in costume.
N.B person will be provided to go in costume but an assistant should be assigned to help him back to staffroom between performances etc.

Props: (To be provided by venue)
Hall/large room (with features described above)
Powerpoint facilities including computer/laptop, preferably with a clicker, with a technician to set up . (Author to provide memory stick/disk)
Small, standard height desk for author’s prop box.
Fixed mic for author if possible (Not essential, but really helps)

£500 plus vat/travel expenses (unless agreed otherwise/concessions etc.)
Fee includes 2 x 45 minutes sessions as described plus book signing.
Classroom visits/hall sessions featuring different picture books/games can be added to package on same day for Nursery/R and Y1, price subject to requirement.
Please contact jeanne@jeannewillis.com to discuss a tailor-made package.
N.B:  The Dr Xargle Show is only available in London/ nearby counties. Exceptions can be made depending on availability of costume/ author’s workload.