New Books Novelty Young Readers
Picture Books Teen Fiction Young Novels
Beast of Crowsfoot Cottage Grandad and John Paddington
Best Bear in All the World Grill Pan Eddie Penguin Pandemonium
Bert the Fairies' Fashion Expert Hard Man of the Swings Penguin Pandemonium: The Rescue
Big Bad Bun Hidden Giant Penguin Pandemonium: Christmas Crackers
Boa's Bad Birthday Hippospotamus Penguin Pandemonium: Wild Beast
Bog Baby Hysterical Historicals Pet Person
Bottoms Up! Iddy Bogey the Ogre Yogi Pink Hare
Boy Who Lost His Bellybutton I Hate School Parrot Goes To Playschool
Boy Who Was Brought Up By Teddybears I'm In Charge Penguin Goes To Playschool
Caterpillar Dreams I'm Sure I Saw a Dinosaur Puma Goes To Playschool
Chicken Clicking I Want To Be A Cowgirl Python Goes To Playschool
Cottonwool Colin Jeff the Witch's Chef Poles Apart
The Cow Tripped Over the Moon Jimmy Scar Prince Charmless
Daft Bat Killer Gorilla Rascally Cake
Delilah Darling Is In The Classroom King Of Tiny Things Rat Heaven
Delilah Darling Is In The Library Lillibet the Monster Vet Really Rude Rhino
Delilah Darling Is On The Stage Little Big Mouth Rocket Science
Delilah Darling Is At The Zoo Long Blue Blazer Ready Steady Jump
Dear Father Christmas Lottie Potter Wants an Otter Shamanka
Diary of the Naughtiest Girl Lucinda Belinda Melinda McCool Shhh!
Downtown Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs In Disguise Magic Potty Show Silly Cecil and Clever Cubs
Downtown Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Olympics Mammoth Pie Sing a Song of Bottoms
Downtown Dinosaurs: Dinosaurs Offside Manky Monkey Sloth's Shoes

Downtown Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Scramble

Mark Two Slug Needs a Hug
Do Little Mermaids Wet Their Beds? Mayfly Day Snappenpoop
Don't Let Go! Mine's Bigger Than Yours Sticky Ends
Dozy Mare Misery Moo Stomp!

Dr Xargle's Book of Earth Hounds

Mole's Sunrise Supercat: And the Chip Thief
Dr Xargle's Book of Earthlets Monkey Found a Baby Supercat: And the Party Pooper
Dr Xargle's Book of Earth Mobiles Monster Bed Supercat: And the Pesky Pirate
Dr Xargle's Book of Earth Relations Monster Storm Susan Laughs
Dr Xargle's Book of Earth Tiggers Mucky Mabel Tadpole's Promise
Dr Xargle's Book of Earth Weather Mummy Do You Love Me? That's Not Funny
Emily Peppermint Naked Without A Hat Tinkerbill
Dumb Creatures Nanny Goat's Kid Toffee Pockets
Fearsome Fritz Never Too Little To Love Troll Stinks
First Slodge New Shoes Upside Down Babies
Flabby Cat and Slobby Dog Norman the Demon Doorman Vanessa the Werewolf Hairdresser
Fly, Chick, Fly! Old Dog We're Going To a Party!
Gaby the Vampire Cabbie Operation Itchy What Did I Look Like When I Was A Baby?
Georgie Grub Ouch In My Pouch What Do You Want To Be Brian?
Girls Only: Bits, Boobs & Blobs   Wheels on the Bus
Girls Only: Snogs, Sex & Soulmates   When Stephanie Smiled
Girls Only: Zitz, Glitz & Body Blitz   Who's In The Loo?
Goffins: Bubbies and Baubles   Wild Child
Goffins: Fun and Games   Wind In The Wallows
Goffins: Go Batty    
Goffins: Lofty and Eve    
Goffins: Puppets and Plays    
Goffins: Togas and Treasure